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Searching for the divine...Parallel Worlds Exhibition

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Parallel Worlds is a series of expressive and abstract photographs inspired by my love for the spiritual and the longing for the transcendent. It's an imaginary and mystical world where the human and the divine join together in a conjuncture point. It calls for a time of reflection on the significance and purpose of life.

"Tokens and signs"

A meditative, romantic, poetic, dreamy and profound allegory. Its main elements are concepts like faith, love, nobility, peace, crisis and victories, courage, beauty and strength.

"Sweet melodies of the spirit"


"Burning heart"

The ideas

I personally believe that a spiritual world exists and that this world is reflected in everything we see and perceive in the material world, and specially I'm fascinated finding resemblances between the qualities of the spiritual world and the mystical appearance of the reflections of light.

These ideas are presented in this series in the form of abstractions, reflections on the water with saturation of colors, patterns, sometimes blurred and sometimes cleared and focused. They are an artistic expression of what I feel and live inspired on spiritual concepts and qualities that are very deep in my soul.

"The inner power of a community"

"The breath of God"

"Lion of indomitable strength"

The process

I literally experienced painting and playing with light, capturing in my personal view a spiritual world and guided mostly by my intuition.

My subjects are reflections of light and shade on the water, mostly during the night. I took this photographs in natural areas and parks in the city of Shenzhen, China. Some of the reflections in the evening and night came from the colored lights that are displayed in the tall buildings of the city.

I chose these areas of the city I live in because I saw how interesting and intriguing the reflections on these waters are, which somehow show like a mirror a parallel world.

I took my photographs with an exploratory and playful attitude and I selected the ones that expressed more artistically the qualities and elements I wanted to show. I kept my images completely untouched digitally.

"Sheltered together"

"The citadels of the hearts of man"

"Hearts and souls"

"Gems of Divine Virtue"

The motive

I hope to inspire the viewer to think about other perspectives and dimensions of life, to create in them curiosity about what is the subject or the origin of the image, to stimulate their imagination about a possibly hidden meaning, to give new interpretations of them or just to find beauty and enjoyment.

"The shining spark of truth"

"Everlasting sovereignty"

"Resplendent morn of certitude"

"Rain showers of heavenly mercy"

"The Divine Herald"

"Life giving waters"

"Fire and light"

"Calling hearts for unity and peace"

"Entangled by love"

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