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          I'm a Mexican-American visual artist and art director. My first background education is Architecture, although my creativity has taken me to develop in a most wide scope of artistic expressions. For this reason I'm continually learning and studying new specializations to enrich my skill-set and talents. During my creative life I have worked different kinds of design, painting, art object, photography and recently directing the art for short commercial films.

          Through my art I explore the hidden mysteries of the spiritual world and its uplifting and healing powers. This is influenced by my personal understanding and insights about the transcendent and based in my own experiences and beliefs gained during my spiritual journey.

          This ideas are expressed in the form of colorful and mystical creations, some abstract and some dreamlike or enigmatical. My need, eagerness and passion to be creative encourage me to use different medias to enjoy the unlimited ways to communicate visually, being this a design, a painting, an art object, an installation, a photograph or even a film. My creative process is guided intuitively and in a meditative state where my perception of the spiritual is transformed and materialized in art creations.


          In the last years I have been living in different cities and countries, which has allowed me to be in contact with diverse cultures and people. This has impacted me and enhanced my perception about the nature of the human being and has taught me a more universal vision of life. As an artist I have been always willing to step into the unknown, having a desire for discovery, longing to bring harmony and beauty out of the chaos and finding delight in sharing the process. Curious about impossibilities becoming possibilities and staying true to what matter most to my heart and soul.

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”  

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